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Las Calaveras has been published by CCHS, quarterly, since 1952. It is a mass of wealth pertaining to the history of Calaveras County. When the founders of CCHS first came together their most important priority was to address the fact that the history of the County had not been written. Now 70 years later, Las Calaveras has fulfilled that need. Here you will find digitized copies of every issue as well as The Complete Las Calaveras which is a single file containing every issue.


A note for researchers: We have found that the best way to search Las Calaveras is to load "The Complete Las Calaveras," it is a very large file and this will take 5min or more depending on your computer speed. After it is loaded, use your browser's pdf search function (Ctrl + F); a small search bar will appear. Then enter your keywords, press enter, and all the hits will populate. You can then use the up and down arrows on the search bar to skip to the results, which will be highlighted in the text.