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Calaveras County Historical Society

CCHS holds an extensive research archive made up of books, files, and photographs. The materials are available to the public and are a great resource to anyone looking for information. Because of the dynamic history of Calaveras County, you will find general information pertaining to many disciplines: genealogy, anthropology, geology, archeology, and many others. 

Research in Person: 

CCHS has recently opened the Willard Fuller Jr. reading room in the Law Library of the Old Courthouse located at 30 N. Main Street in San Andreas. You are welcome to utilize this space for your research during open hours, 7 days a week 10am - 4pm. 

CCHS office staff will provide you with materials from our research collection that are pertinent to your inquiry. If you research on your own, there is no cost to you. If you need assistance with your research request there is a fee of $15 an hour with the first 1/2 hour free. 

If you wish to photocopy materials, there is a fee of 25 cents per copy. Alternately, you may purchase, or bring, a thumb drive and have the CCHS staff scan digital copies at the regular research rate. 

Research from Abroad: 

CCHS staff is happy to help with your research questions via email at You may also call the office at 209-754-1058.


We will gather materials pertinent to your inquiry and scan and send them via email, at a research rate of $15 an hour with the first 1/2 hour free. Alternately, we can also send photocopies to you via USPS at the same research rate and an additional .25 cents per photocopy.


The staff may also be able to recommend books and other materials that you may be able to buy online or checkout from your local library. 

If you are happy with the results of your research request and would like to donate to CCHS to keep programs like this going, you may use the button here to make a donation. Thanks!

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